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Digital products; inks, enamels and effects

With digital technology in inkjet ceramic decoration, special inks and effects have become a basic product.

Thanks to continuous innovation, the designs of Fritta have been pioneers ever since the start of this format, as have its advances in digital injection. Today Fritta offers its own digital standard in ceramic decoration, Fritta Digital, a system which efficiently streamlines production and makes it enormously more flexible. Enjoy supreme digital control over colour inks, effects and enamels, all standing up to the toughest conditions of use and regulations.

The result is efficiently manufactured tiles that also meet an endless number of architectural and urban planning needs.
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Latest-generation ceramic enamels

For Fritta, the enamel is an essential part of the final product.

The success of a ceramic collection and its design depend on it. This is why we innovate throughout the development process, controlling the manufacture to fit with the different needs of the model. This way, we achieve standards of the highest quality and specific products which are extremely tough and radiant.


Frits for manufacturing ceramic tiles

Specific frits which adapt to every trend, movement or technological advance taken on by the ceramics sector. Fritta manufactures this component at the different plants of its subsidiaries around the world, facilitating distribution and cutting distances and delivery times.


Range of ceramic colors

It is only possible to respond to market trends if you have a good color chart. The color range, that Fritta offers its customers allows them to adjust production to all designs and enrich their collections.

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Fritta Global Concept

Much more than a product. Fritta Global Concept consists of collections designed with their own name and context, devised to capture a trend or a ceramic style. All this is creative added value that reinforces the quality of the product and the service, bringing a commercial individuality of its own to the collection.

Consult us directly about this specialist service for exclusive “turnkey” products from Fritta.